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Inheriting the blood and culture of tribute tea, we open a new chapter in the tea industry
With the mission of promoting Chinese tea culture and striving to build an international famous brand in the tea industry, the enterprise strives to become a loyal guide for consumers to experience the profound and broad Chinese tea ceremony culture
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National key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization It has 82,000 mu European standard tea garden base Certified enterprise of International Rainforest Alliance
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Make tea sincerely We strive to make high-quality tea and ensure the health and safety of each tea. We have won a good reputation in the domestic and foreign markets!


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Jinsha Tribute Tea, shaped like a fish hook, is green and full of hair; Chestnut fragrance; The soup color is yellow green and bright; Taste mellow, sweet aftertaste; The leaf bottom is bright green and even.

Green tea refers to the tea made from new leaves or buds of tea trees without fermentation through typical processes such as green removal, rolling and drying. This tea retains the natural substances
In the past, no matter on the table or on the tea table, you can always hear the owner say "the wine is full and the tea is shallow" to persuade you to drink and tea, but you have never understood the
I am busy for life. Now I feel the pressure of life is getting bigger and bigger. I have more and more troubles. How can I relax? How to decompress? How many people make a cup of tea to calm down w...
Recently, when I walked into Changgou Village, Mukong Town, Jinsha County, my eyes were filled with green mountains, clusters of tea trees spread out like a staff tree, and the faint aroma of tea f...
The raw tea of Pu'er tea is made from fresh leaves of big leaf species, and its shape is loose tea or pressed into various shapes. Processing technology: fresh leaves of big leaf seeds → green removin
It is said that women know by smelling fragrance, and that the soul of a beautiful woman has fragrance. It can be seen that the meaning of incense is beautiful and beautiful. In Li Sao, Ziqu Yuan used
It means that when tasting tea, people should not be more than two or three people; Drinking is not the case. Compared with drinking tea, there can be more people. This is because the pursuit of tea t